Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Call me the Commissioner, Batman.

Recently, I was commissioned to make a dress for a friend in another state. She sent me some inspiration links and we emailed back and forth to get the details hammered out. Things have been rolling along and I thought that this would be a fun little project to follow along on the blog. (Not to mention she would be able to see my progress!)

She is a real fan of Japanese fashion and all things crafty. Her blog is here So here are the inspiration photos she sent me.

And through some discussion this is the sketch I came up with.

I plan on adapting a pattern I was given a few months ago for a rather plain A line dress. I will have to make some alterations and embellishments, but I hope (fingers crossed) that it will come out the way she imagined!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day or evening....?

I found a cute pattern I thought would make a very nice summer dress. It was flowing and loose with an interesting inset and cute sleeves that reminded me of butterflies.

And here is my version. I am in love with this dark green olive color. ( I will explain the cop out of the dress form picture)

My issue is.... it kind of looks like a night gown, right?

I am all for the granny look, but I feel like this dress can only be accessorized with foam rollers and a pair of marabou slippers (cigarette optional of course). I think with the sash it could be a cute it's-really-too-hot-to-wear-clothes dress for July and August.

Should I throw out my sweats and wear this for pj's? Or can this be worn out during the day (sans curlers)? Perhaps shorter?

Let me know if I should hem it, pitch it or relegate it to the bedroom....