Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frumpy Chic

I am all for a less "put together" look, but there are days where I feel down-right Frumpy, with a capital F. The other day I wore slippers and jeans to work, no hair do, no make up. I was so ill, and Mr. R, bless his heart said I looked cute... "Frumpy chic". Which led me down the fashion imagination path. Is there such a thing? Would it indeed include slippers and a hoodie? Probably not... But I found some "frumpy chic" looks I thought I'd share.

Kate Hudson in a very layered hippie look I adore it, would have been better with a looser hair style...

Eva Mendes in a dress that would have looked good if she didn't have such a magnificent chest... great print and great heels, bad neckline? The guys behind her still look pleased :)

This is my favorite! I want this dress and the height to be able to wear it! Some one said that it looked like she had two saddle bags on her hips, I think the drape of this dress is grand!

This is Lily Cole, she was a model for Rimmel for a long time and then she was "Scrumpy" in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. She was honestly my first thought when I heard frumpy chic only because I am in love with gypsy hippie fashion and that movie was visually and fashionably amazing and, well... her character's nickname rhymes with frumpy. Any way, I love this dress, loose and flowy and a great print. I would have gone for a different shoe. It really does make all the difference.

This is not the kind of frumpy we were going for. Nicole Kidman in The Hours... stringy hair, flour sack dress, and a cigarette... not chic. (I bet she's even got slippers on)

So what do you think? Can there be a frumpy chic?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


For the longest time I would sit in front of the computer in an envious daze looking at all the wonderful blogs I read and think of the life I dreamt of, the place these blogs took me. Now that I have achieved a little more of that dream life, I would like to introduce you to some of the blogs that inspire me continually.

This is one that has forever caught my eyes, just because of beauty captured in such a mundane topic. I think the name says it all: Simply Breakfast. It is just pictures and captions of what the blogger had for breakfast. It is gorgeous in its simplicity.

All images courtesy of Simply Breakfast

It really made me think when I looked at this blog for the first time... "Who spends that much time and thought on breakfast?" It was certainly not me when I first started following it. I was lucky if I got out the door with a cup of coffee and my face on straight. It made me think of a life where I would have time for breakfast. An alternate reality where I sit down at a table and possibly have a breakfast that requires a fork. I imagine all the possibilities of a world with breakfast time. I think to myself, "If I had time for breakfast, what else would I have time to do?" Sew more? Write more? Snuggle more? Laugh more?

I love blogs that take me somewhere, show me something new and make me want to do more, even if it is as simple as the act of breakfast. What are some of the blogs that transport you?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking forward to spring already?

I am hoping the weather in New Mexico holds out like it has been so I can don these looks now instead of waiting until April...

I love these brown pants...

Flowey dress and big chunky sweaters are my fall uniform.

Socks and peep toes. I'm still not sure how to wear this. This is some inspiration.

Add some tights and a sweater and its winter wear!


This is my personal favorite.

I love the mix of floral print and different size stripes.

All photos: Club Monaco Cali-Spring lookbook via refinery29

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's a sew along!

I've been participating in a holiday sew along with the girls at the designers lounge that has been mucho fun. We all start with the same pattern. New Look 6723; a very basic party dress. We then all make our own alterations or chose a view, post our progress to the blog each week and then have a fancy dress party afterwards! Yay!

I'm pretty much a week behind in posting this but here you go!

This week's assignment is make alterations and cut out your fabric. Better get to work! Pictures are due tonight at midnight!

wear to start?

Hello all,

I've been away from the blog for so long that it has given me time to think about what it is about other blogs that I love so much and what I wanted mine to be like. I had a hard time deciding where to start. But the blogs I love the most are mostly outfit posts... So we start with the most recent picture I have of me and an outfit post! Enjoy.

Outfit details:
scarf: gift, Steve Madden
sweater: thrifted, old navy
shirt: had so long I can't remember
leggings: Target
shoes: thrifted, Dollhouse

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

These times are a changin'

Life is good. better than ever. I find more beauty every day and I've been bitten with the urge to share again. Sorry for my absence. Its taken a year to heal enough to open up again.