Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Knitting and Otis

I've been feeling rather depressed lately about the financial situation and the bleak reality of life as a "grown up."
Yesterday I subbed for a kindergarten class and I had fun playing with blocks, coloring and had peaches for a snack... Things which one (who is not a kindergartner or a kindergarten teacher) doesn't do very often. And it made me think of a time when I wasn't worried about the things that I worry about, or feel guilty about the things I feel guilty about.
I know that I really don't have to feel guilty about much and that I am doing all I can to make life comfortable, but things have begun to weigh on me in a way I have never allowed them to before and I am forced to think about the ways to remain young at heart when so many things are pulling at me. So I try to distract myself with more enjoyable things.
My sister taught me to knit, so today I sat on the couch and experimented with a knit two, pearl two ribbed cowl (since it will be cold until April) and listened to Otis Redding's painfully beautiful voice fill my living room with a warmth that only vinyl can. And as I sit here writing this for the world to read, knowing that, more than likely, only my husband will; I remember even if we lost everything, I never want to lose the love or the child I have inside.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Zebra stripes and food poisoning...

My sewing machine has been returned and we have been inseparable ever since! A love like this...

I spent most of Friday afternoon making a blouse for work. Its not very exciting or me, but I must look professional and respectable at my job. All she's missing is some buttons, a wash and a good pressing.

I spent Saturday afternoon making a very posh high waisted skirt out of the zebra print I couldn't leave Hobby Lobby with out. And most of this morning messing with the waist band and front pleats because, apparently, I have a thick middle. I'm rather pleased with the results.

In other news: I tried my hand at cooking yesterday and made green chili with pork and hash browns for lunch. It was almost burn your face off hot. We enjoyed it and my husband promptly threw it up two hours later. I started feeling queezy later and we had pepto for dinner.

Perhaps I will stick to sewing...