Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sizing! weee!

A friend of mine who lives in another state has asked me for help learning how to sew. Since it is hard for me to get to California (being the broke girl) I will be posting tutorials and making videos prompted by her questions in the hopes that they will help her and any other happy seamstresses out there! So here is the first in what is hopefully a very helpful series! (side note: I can't get the video to upload so to make this interesting, you get to look at funny pictures of me.)

So here goes! This was the most alarming of her many questions:

Are the sizes on a pattern really the size you think it is? How can you be sure w/ out cutting everything out and ruining your material?


The first you need to have is a measuring tape.

If you don't, you can use string and a ruler.

Measure yourself over your undergarments. Take measurements at three places: Bust (around the fullest part of your breast), Waist (the smallest part of your waist), and Hips (around the fullest part of your hips) Mine are 33, 27.5 and 36 (how is that for honesty?) I know this can be a little scary, but honesty is the ONLY policy in sewing your own clothes.

Ok so write this down

and run off to the pattern store and go wild!

Look through the catalogues and find yourself a wonderful pattern. When you go to find it in the drawer, flip to the back and pull out your little scrap of paper with you numbers on it. Look on the pattern where it says "Body Measurements" there you will find those 3 measurements; bust, waist, hips. It will look something like this:

Now, the measurements on the back will most likely not be exactly the same as yours, so pick the closest ones. I usually go with the bust size. For instance a size 6 (in a sewing pattern) measures 30.5, 23, 32.5. (not even close to my real measurements even though I wear a 6 in store bought clothes) So my real measurements give me a size 12 (34, 26.5, 34.5) almost twice the number you look for at the Macy's lol! So don't get scared!

Ok once you have found your size according to the pattern you chose, flip that envelope back to the front and see if at the top where it says SIZE, your size is listed. This is important because patterns are not returnable!

If you are making a shirt the hip measurement won't be as important as the bust and if you are making a skirt the bust won't even be listed, so get as close as possible to the measurements that matter.

Underneath the measurements and size you will find the yardage you will need to make your size.

If you aren't sure or if you are two very different sizes, go for the bigger size. It is easier to take away than add fabric!

If you have any questions of your own that you would like to pose to me, or if this is totally confusing,

Please feel free to email them to me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't let it pass you by...

I was thinking the other day I'm getting close to being 25. Very close. And while I know this is not very old, I feel like I am getting to the age where I should be acting like an adult. Scary I know, but I think that 25 will hold many good things for me. I love lists and this is going to be my "Five years" list. I borrowed this idea from BitCat blog. 25 things I want to do in the next five years. I don't want to be thirty and feeling like my life is lacking and I should have done more in my twenties. So here goes!

1. get a career.
2. grow my hair long.
3. get rid of all the extra stuff I have and don't want or need.
4. wear only clothes that make me feel good.
5. learn to cook more than two things.
6. stay smoke free.
7. sew the majority of my clothes.
8. pay all my bills myself.
9. take a vacation.
10. get tattooed, a lot.
11. finish my college program.
12. move to another state.
13. enjoy my marriage.
14. be good at my job.
15. enjoy my home.
16. love my cat.
17. take care of my husband.
18. take care of myself.
19. spend time with my friends.
20. continue blogging.
21. illustrate and co-write a children's book.
22. forgive more.
23. let what doesn't matter truly slide.
24. paint.
25. encourage those around me.

I can't wait for the rest of my life. I think about the future and I get excited.

Pattern of the week 12.7.2009

This week's pattern is a pattern I borrowed from a friend a while ago… more like last year. Eeep..

See and Sew 4902

I started this way back in July, knowing that it would take me six months to complete. I'm a five-minutes-at- a-time-project-er. I've actually completed this and am very pleased and impressed with the ease and quality of how it turned out. I used a purple corduroy that my sister sent me as a birthday present for the shell and a snake skin print gray sheer I bought in high school for the lining . The only thing I had to buy were the buttons which I think are absolutely the best buttons in the world (for this coat). I am very proud and as the pattern packaged claimed, "Yes! It's Easy!" I was surprised that indeed it was. I had been intimidated by the tailoring books and all the involved stuff, but none of that was really necessary. I love it! I will post pictures of the completed project once I get them. Promise.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Internet Junkie

I have become so addicted to the internet since I got my laptop it has been torture to be at work (subbing at a middle school) all day with no access to the internet. But have no fear readers! The Broke Girl always finds a way!

I figured most computers were all the same, right? Generally, anyway. And since all the computers here (not unlike my own) are password protected... I figured if I brought my own, I could unhook the teacher's computer from the wall jack and hook mine up to the network with out being detected(hopefully) ;). Since there really isn't much difference between their computer and my own.

So here it is Friday afternoon and I am bloggin' away at work while thirty something seventh graders read silently under my watch. So here's to Friday and victimless crime!

Ah... I love the blackboard behind me... Mrs. Madden. How old fashioned does that make me sound? haha Oh and the cirlce scarf has become permanently attached to my neck. I checked.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pattern of the week 1.11.10

This is the first pattern of the New Year! I had to save it because I made one, but I gave it as a gift for Christmas, so I couldn't post it until after I gave it to my friend.

This week's pattern is Simplicity 5510.

This top pattern uses one yard or less of any knit and FLIES together. It is so cute I made one of the View 4 for my friend for Christmas. I plan on making myself one of each view! I have a lot of knit stuff that isn't suitable for many of the patterns I have, so this one is great!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11.24.09 Outfit

This is a recreation of a cute outfit I wore the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I got terribly sick that day and felt that my outfit had been wasted and I had to spend the rest of the day in hoodie and sweat pants. I was just angry about being sick...

Dress: altered Anna Sui thrifted. Tights: forever 21. Shoes: hand painted. Sweater: Target Belt: thrifted.

(I found a perfect place to take my pictures, if you hadn't noticed it's the shower ;D)

Circle Scarf

I bought some yarn hoping it would match my half finished short sleeve sweater I started last year and then ran out of yarn when all I had left was one piece left. Arggg… But alas, it did not. So, I made this purple circular scarf in the matter of a few hours of broken up crocheting at work and waiting at doctors' offices and such. Here are a few shots with outfits.

Completed Pattern of the Week!

Hello blog world, it's me Sarah. I've missed you. :) I've been gone for so long it seems with school and holidays and being sick… ugh. So here goes.

I've completed a number of projects and started some new ones over the break. This one is the pattern of the week Very Easy Vogue 8544. I posted some progress shots a while ago and here is the finished product!

A little causal with a tee and flats

Dressed up with a blouse and heels!

I did have to hem it twice because the length was all wrong for my shortness, but I really love the way it turned out. Hope you do to!