Friday, December 4, 2009

Internet Junkie

I have become so addicted to the internet since I got my laptop it has been torture to be at work (subbing at a middle school) all day with no access to the internet. But have no fear readers! The Broke Girl always finds a way!

I figured most computers were all the same, right? Generally, anyway. And since all the computers here (not unlike my own) are password protected... I figured if I brought my own, I could unhook the teacher's computer from the wall jack and hook mine up to the network with out being detected(hopefully) ;). Since there really isn't much difference between their computer and my own.

So here it is Friday afternoon and I am bloggin' away at work while thirty something seventh graders read silently under my watch. So here's to Friday and victimless crime!

Ah... I love the blackboard behind me... Mrs. Madden. How old fashioned does that make me sound? haha Oh and the cirlce scarf has become permanently attached to my neck. I checked.

1 comment:

  1. Haha awesome! I haven't tried blogging in school yet (I'm a teacher too!) but I'm a chicken! Great scarf too xx