Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frumpy Chic

I am all for a less "put together" look, but there are days where I feel down-right Frumpy, with a capital F. The other day I wore slippers and jeans to work, no hair do, no make up. I was so ill, and Mr. R, bless his heart said I looked cute... "Frumpy chic". Which led me down the fashion imagination path. Is there such a thing? Would it indeed include slippers and a hoodie? Probably not... But I found some "frumpy chic" looks I thought I'd share.

Kate Hudson in a very layered hippie look I adore it, would have been better with a looser hair style...

Eva Mendes in a dress that would have looked good if she didn't have such a magnificent chest... great print and great heels, bad neckline? The guys behind her still look pleased :)

This is my favorite! I want this dress and the height to be able to wear it! Some one said that it looked like she had two saddle bags on her hips, I think the drape of this dress is grand!

This is Lily Cole, she was a model for Rimmel for a long time and then she was "Scrumpy" in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. She was honestly my first thought when I heard frumpy chic only because I am in love with gypsy hippie fashion and that movie was visually and fashionably amazing and, well... her character's nickname rhymes with frumpy. Any way, I love this dress, loose and flowy and a great print. I would have gone for a different shoe. It really does make all the difference.

This is not the kind of frumpy we were going for. Nicole Kidman in The Hours... stringy hair, flour sack dress, and a cigarette... not chic. (I bet she's even got slippers on)

So what do you think? Can there be a frumpy chic?

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