Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new year and ironing board.

The last day of 2008! Counting down the hours. Drinking beer and thinking about the future.

I went shopping today with x-mas money. I exchange an awesome present for the right size. My sister gave me a dress form! I bought myself an ironing board. I know, how frivolous of me! and a few other things that I have been needing, that weren't actually necessities and six yards of animal print fabric. I also went to Savers and made my first New Year's Resolution (NYR) purchases. A cute pair of Steve Madden shoes, surprisingly in my size, and a cute little boat neck dress in navy (no alterations needed).

Things are a bit boring here tonight, just the hubby and the cat, a few beers and our dreams of the future. No big party, no one that doesn't matter.... All I need is my sewing machine. Loaned to a good friend in need. Now that's Friendship.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Can you?

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