Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This week in sewing!

I'm back! Its been a rough month... and that is the time that I should be indulging my creative outlets. My favorite of which is sewing. This being the Broke Girl's guide I will share some money saving tips if you'd like to take up, save on or get to know "budget" sewing. I think this will be this week's topic because there is sooo much to share!

If you are new to sewing go ahead and get the basics:

-A sewing machine. It does not need to be fancy. In fact it will be easier if it's not. Mine is from K-mart or somewhere, a gift from my mother when I was in high school.
-Measuring tape. You are going to need really accurate measurements of yourself.
-Good scissors. Don't skimp on those... I have a pair of lightweight Ghinger shears. Super sharp and light weight means you can cut out an entire pattern with out your arm falling off.
-An iron! It really is important!
-Pins, needles, thread and of course fabric!

Some general tips for patterns
-Measure yourself accurately. Be honest.
-Shop the sales. Patterns go on sale some times a dollar each. Fabrics too! you can get off season stuff really cheap.
-Make sure you get the right size!! this is so important because you can't return patterns!
-Use coupons for things that don't go on sale like notions and bigger or nicer fabric purchases.

That's just a few tips for now! I will have more on other subjects later in the week, like reconstruction and vintage stuff... so much to share! have fun this week!

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