Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've been following some lovely and amazing blogs with the time that being The Broke Girl has afforded me and I must say that it is almost like following a path through the woods or an unknown park. There is wonder around ever corner! I am particularly fascinated with all the lovely women that have amazing blogs about vintage clothing and such. I watched a youtube video about how to spot vintage clothing by AYA from strawberrykoi And she got me thinking about my previous post and more specifically zippers! So being the curious little devil I am... I had to do some research on the history of zippers.

The 'zipper' as we know and love it today was first used for boots and tobacco products and wasn't introduced into clothing until the late 1930's. It was first introduced to help children dress themselves and then expanded to men's trousers. It's distribution did not become widespread until much later because of the rationing of material's during the Depression though. So a zipper is a great indication of vintage. Vintage zippers will be metal. Nylon and plastic zippers were introduced later on which is what is in the majority of modern clothing.

So! when you are out garage sailing or in a vintage store and you find something with a metal zipper, you're golden! Happy hunting!

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