Friday, October 9, 2009

A day off....

Today was my first do-nothing-I-don’t-want-to-do day off in a very long time. I wanted to sleep in so I did. I wanted to light scented candles and have a quiet cup of coffee so I did. I wanted to get dressed up and do fancy makeup so I did. I wanted to go to lunch with my hubby and go look at a second hand store so we did. In all today was not a very productive day and it isn’t quite over but I feel so much better than I have in months. As I write this I remember that I have class tonight, but I don’t want to go, so I won’t. Here are the trappings of my day.

Make up inspired by this: DIY 1960 makeup

My outfit:
Black Peasant Blouse: gift from my mother
Full Olive Skirt: Hand made by me! (no pattern)
Alligator Belt: vintage from my grandmother
Tights: Target
Giraffe Shoes: Target
Necklace: Thrifted

We went to a place in the north valley on 4th street that's called Ren's to look at this vanity that had caught my eye and I thought I could perhaps use as a desk.

As it turns out it was missing a knob and wasn't in very good condition and the lady wanted forty dollars. I found my sewing desk in better condition and much more attractive for twenty five. I haggled with her a little and then left. I think I'll keep looking.... After all, rummaging through dusty little shops is most of the fun!

Forecast for this month: Vintage pattern of the week. I've been frequenting a little thrift shop in Roswell a lot lately and I've found some really good patterns.

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