Monday, October 12, 2009

Pattern of the week 10.12.2009

This week marks the debut of my new "pattern of the week." This week I start with my most recent find: Vogue 8544. A wonderfully easy skirt pattern that I will be starting shortly (hopefully). I found this among other little treasures in a lovely little antique shop in Roswell. I could spend my life in there! (the shop, not Roswell particularly…)

It has only two or three main pattern pieces and is my perfect measurements, so I had to buy it! Judging by the big lapels on shirts and jackets, as well as the square toe and chunky heel on the models, this pattern is from the early 70's. (I'm really no expert though).

I plan on making all but view C (I just plain don't like A-line skirts and I don't know why) I plan on starting with View A. I love a basic pencil skirt that falls right below the knee. It's a timeless look really.

As for the pattern itself, it really is in great shape. I think it has only been used once to make View B, which would be adorable in the cute pale pink and blue striped fabric I also found in Roswell.

So concludes the first Pattern of the Week! I had fun, I hope you did too!

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