Monday, March 1, 2010

Shoe Lust

A reader of mine has asked that I share the contents of my shoe collection. At first I thought "oh yay! An excuse to talk about shoes!" But as I got down to the task of taking pictures of all the shoes that I own, I quickly realized I had underestimated what I had gotten myself into. I recently purged my collection of all the ill-fitting and out of date shoes, so this is my collection a bit smaller than it used to be. Also, I did not even try to dig out and photograph all my summer sandals that are in my off season trunk. So dear readers here they are, (almost) all of my shoes... I photographed them in groups so as not to overwhelm you with a million pictures. They are numbered and I have written up captions to tell you were I bought them and what brand they are… I told you it was a collection! :)

First, all my scummy flats...
1:Forever21 2:Lower East Side/Payless 3: xhilaration/Target
4: Tuk/Hot Topic 5: Mossimo/Target 6: Anne TaylorLoft/Buffalo Exchange

1: xhilaration/Target 2: xhilaration/Target 3: xhilaration/Target (are you seeing where I spend my time?)
4: No Boundaries/
Walmart 5: Torrid/Torrid 6: Micheal Antonio/Buffalo exchange

1: Rouge Shoes/5-7-9 2: Mossimo/Target 3: Gianni Bini/Dillards
4: Classified/Shoes on a Shoestring 5: Shi 6:Buffalo Exchange
Micheal Antonio/Buffalo Exchange 8: Anne Michelle/Charlotte Russe

1:Unlisted/ Shoes on a Shoestring 2: Wanted/Shoes on a Shoestring3: Soda/Shoes on a Shoestring
4: Mossimo/Target 5: BCBGirls/
Piperlime (online)
Jessica Simpson/Shoes on a Shoestring 7: Nine West/Macy's

1: Nadora/Shi 2:Vans/online 3: Nadora/ Shi
Classified/Shoes on a Shoestring 5: Target/hand painted

1: Chinese Laundry/ Ross 2: xhilaration/ Buffalo Exchange 3: Isaac Mizrahi/Target
4: Steve Madden/ Savers 5: Candies/From a friend 6: Splash/Ross

These boots are made for walking

And this is where I store them... Top of the closet left...
... And right.

... and the door hanger. I actually used to have two of these door hangers until I got some plastic bins.
I told you it was a lot! Whew! that took forever. While I was doing this my husband actually asked me how many pairs of shoes I had... I dare not count all of them, like I said, I didn't get out my summer shoes. So I think that puts me up over 50 pairs... I try to get rid of the old pairs when I get new ones but the pack rat in me hangs on!

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