Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I dream in high fashion…

Dior. That is all ladies and gentlemen… Love in one word.

I was looking over the Spring 2010 slide show and as always Galliano delivers the most opulent and drool worthy couture. The first set, in my humble opinion, was by far and away the best. Equestrienne, meets dominatrix… sigh.


I will say the second set was a little to whimsical for my tastes. Frills and lace are all well and good, but this is too much for me to swallow.

This yellow dress is so cute though, with the little ankle booties. It makes me want to sip tea and ride down a river boat… See? Whimsy.

But I will tell you that when I saw the last set of gowns that undoubtedly weigh a metric ton, I audibly gasped. This gown is what I dreamed of for my wedding. If I had millions I would buy this dress and get married to my husband over and over wearing it…

Dior. That is all ladies and gentlemen.

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