Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventures in Car Repair

This morning I tried to resurrect my hubby's Caddy from its dusty non-functional place in our car port, while he is out of town for the week. I checked the fluids, topped them off and even checked the oil. This is a huge accomplishment because prior to this morning I had never even filled the washer fluid on my own car. I scraped my leg and sliced my finger in the process but I did it! The next thing to do was to actually get it running...

So I read up on how to jump start a car knowing the dangers and the damage this activity can cause. I was nervous to say the least.... I hooked up the jumper cables like a champ and started the car, let it run... all that. But alas, when I tried to start the Caddy... poor thing just sputtered and died once more.

It made me really sad for some reason. I was on a roll! I had finished everything I had set out to do to fix up my hubby's car! I had a whole day of washing and polishing ahead of me... If I could just get the car started! I don't know if it was my novice enthusiasm that was crushed by the death rattle of the engine or if it was my whole-hearted determination to see my husband smile at something I had truly done just for him.

It looks like the Caddy will need more than just a woman's touch...
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