Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Broke Girl's Guide

More time at home has prompted me to start thinking a little more creatively. And remember I have a blog for that very purpose....

So this summer's agenda: The Broke Girl's Guide to Looking Like She's Not.

Today's tip:

- Learn to sew.

Go to the fabric store and riffle through the pattern books, find one you like, look at it very closely. If it seems easy, (i.e. it doesn't have 23 pattern pieces, lapels, buttons, lots of detail) buy it. Patterns are sometimes on sale for $1 each! Just make sure you get the right size so measure yourself first because they aren't returnable. Keep in mind sewing sizes are not store bought sizes. Next go to the clearance fabric section and pick a fabric. You can get some fabrics as cheap as two dollars a yard.

Learning to sew takes time and the first ten things you make you may or may not want to wear outside your house, but practice and you'll be making wonderful pieces in no time.

Being a self taught seamstress I will tell you that you must follow all directions on a pattern to the letter, even if they make absolutely no sense to you. Once they start making sense and all your items are turning out great, you can move on to design your own pieces.

It feels amazing to get a compliment on something you made and then see the look of amazement on that person's face when you say, "Oh thank you! I made this!" And to know that no one else has that exact piece and you probably spent way less money on it.

The great thing about sewing is you get so much more out of it than just an article of clothing. You get clothing that you love everything about because you chose everything AND you get a hobby.
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