Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clean out your closet!

Today's tip: Clean out your closet!

Go in your room, shut the door, turn on some music and open your closet doors. If you've ever been frustrated at not being able to find anything to wear, it's probably because you have too much in there to see all the good things. It's like when we stress about all the crap in our life and can't step back and see all the great things.

Start at one end of your closet and work your way to the other. Try to organize as you go (Shirts, pants, dresses all together) and try on every single piece of clothing you own and ask yourself three questions:

"Do I love it?"

"Is it flattering/Does it fit?"

"Does this piece of clothing portray who I am and what style I wish to portray?"

If an item of clothing gets a "no" to any of these questions, it needs to go. Even if you love it and it is totally your style, but it no longer fits. Let it go. Don't delude yourself any longer that you are 17 and can fit into that shirt or those jeans that looked so great on you 10 years ago. Everyone changes. So too should your wardrobe.

You can then take your unloved, unflattering, and not so you clothes to a consignment store, a thrift shop or a place like Buffalo Exchange and get cash, trade or just get it out of your life. I recommend a place like Buffalo Exchange if only because they will give you more in store credit and then you can go shopping! Plus they donate what they don't take so your clothes can move on with their life and make some one else happy and you can move on with your life too.

the point of cleaning out your closet is not only to get rid of the train wreck that is your closet (if you're anything like me), but it is also to refine your style, make you look more put together and to make it less of a headache to get dressed in the morning.

A book that I got the three questions from that goes into much more detail on the subject of clearing out the mess and defining your style is called "Nothing To Wear? The Five Step Cure for the Common Closet" I don't remember who wrote it, but I found it on a trip to my local branch library. A good read, but by no means necessary, especially for this step.

If you then find that your closet is missing some essentials, make a list and go shopping! Remember to stick to it though!

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