Monday, June 15, 2009

Use it again!

Assorted Recycled BeadsImage by ecocessories via Flickr

Today's tip: Recycle!

From aluminum, to clothing and jewelry re-use your stuff! Most things have a much longer life than most of us would realize. So get the most out of your things!

Most recycling places will pay you for aluminum cans, scrap metal, anything you have laying around. This also has the nice effect on the planet (especially that plastic stuff) Plus who wouldn't mind a little extra $$?

Clothing! I mentioned this in my last blog post. Recycle your clothing. Let some one else love an item you loved too. Take it to a consignment shop or a place that will buy it out right or give you store trade. You can do the same with furniture and jewelry.

Shop at thrift stores, sew with "re-purposed" materials, re-use water bottles, don't buy trash bags, wash and reuse plastic cups, there are so many ways to get creative with it. I'll share some in detail some time soon! I've got some fun ones;)
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