Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Invest in your wardrobe

I can not tell you how many times I walk through the mall, or anywhere for that matter, and I see women who look like they got dressed out of a thrift store grab bag, or women who look like girls because they shop the clearance rack at Forever 21. As important as it is to save money, I believe it is so much more important to look polished, stylish and put together (so you don't look broke). This is where investment comes in.

My mother told me (being the perfectly sensible woman she is) that nothing is more expensive than the thing you never wear or only wear once. Think about it... If you bought a blouse that was 50$ and wore it ten times its only 5$ per wear, but if you buy a 20$ blouse that you only wear once, it is more expensive per wear than the 50$ blouse.

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Now I know that I said to never buy anything that isn't on sale.... I know that's really hard for some people or when you need jeans because when you squatted down last night they ripped right up the back. I can totally understand, that's just a commitment I made to myself. I will admit it has not been easy.

Last night when I was getting dressed for my meeting, I slipped into my favorite purple skirt with gun metal zip pockets and closure and gray pinstripes and I thought "I LOVE this skirt!" And I thought about when I bought this skirt. I saw it and I had to have it. I was in a foreign country. I had no idea what the shop girl was saying. I had no idea how much the skirt even cost in American dollars. But it fit so well and the cut was so classic and the color so delicious I had to have it. I have worn that skirt countless times since then and it is such a quality piece it has lasted over six years and it is still my favorite skirt.

So what I'm trying to get at is; if you do splurge on an item, make it a quality piece that is going to last through 58 wears and being washed a lot. Make it a classic piece that isn't going to look dated in six months because the trend has passed... Invest in fewer quality pieces and you won't look like you've been rummaging through the clearance racks, or worse the thrift store dumpster. You will look more polished and put together and you won't be chasing trend after trend and only ending up with a closet full of clothes you hate, looking trendy instead of stylish.
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