Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pillow Talk

Hi all! Broke Girl here, with a blog that is not about sewing! Although it is mildly related to fashion and definitely related to vintage.

Since my mother-in-law no longer has a VCR, she gave us a box of VHS movies she had taking up space in her closet. Yay! For free entertainment! So as we were going through them I noticed that most of them were cheesy rom/coms from the 80s and 90s, but there were a select few that were from the 50s (the movies, not the tapes, obviously) and I have been watching and rewinding one every weekend since. That wonderful movie my friends is Pillow Talk with Dorris Day and Rock Hudson ::swoon::

In the delightful romantic comedy "Day is an uptight interior decorator forced to share a party line with an amorous playboy who ties up the line with his exploits while she is trying to conduct business."

I can't even imagine having to share a phone line with a neighbor! I don't even share one with my husband!

Anyway, they accidentally meet and he is taken with her beauty, but has to pretend to be someone else, other than the other half of her intolerable party line. And let the hilarity and romance ensue!

There is something about classic movies that just makes me feel like I don't want to live in this day and age. The humor of these movies is the best example of why that is. These movies are clever and they are humorous with out having to be crass or rude. While others may feel that they are cheesy and out dated, I feel they are just wonderful. Not to mention, they are just amazing to watch if only for the fashions of the day.

Pillow Talk "features Miss Day in twenty-four ultra-chic ensembles from Jean Louis and over $500,000 in jewelry borrowed from Laykin et Cie." Which makes this movies one of my new all time favorites! I mean, who couldn't love pretty clothes, clever humor, and six foot six of one of the most handsome men ever to grace the silver screen. My hubby's grandmother refused to believe he was gay until the day she died. And I think I too shall live with this delusion! He's dead so it's not like I even have a chance anyway… If only more men and fashion were like they were in 1950's movies...

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  1. while browsing the internet and "Aunt Google", I came across this archived blog and have to agree 1000%! I'm a guy in my 50's and miss these movies kids nowadays call naive and stupid. I think they are just innocent and good clean fun. I wish I lived in those days rather than these. I'm not quite that old, but would much rather had lived in those days than these. C'est la vie!