Sunday, January 24, 2010


I had quite the weekend this weekend (and last). I've been busy, and regrettably I have neglected my blog for the pursuit of other things, that have been most enjoyable.

So to catch you up dear readers, I will share a few photos of this weekend!

This weekend started off when I went to a birthday party of a friend who will be leaving the country soon. She gave me her entire fabric stash in the cleaning out of her apartment. She is a most generous friend and she threw us a wonderful pajama game night.Sorry no pictures...Saturday I had a lovely date with my wonderful husband. We went to his favorite restaurant in town, Mimo's. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant. Our food looked so good I had to snap a few photos before we dug in. I had the Shrimp Scampi

and he had the Rigatoni Cardinal.

We then had a stroll around the mall, where we tried on silly hats at Mr. Hat (lol!)

And I got a ring stuck on my finger at F21 and had to buy it (wink wink)

Then we snuggled down and watched the new Star Trek movie( which was riveting!)

This Sunday was spent being lazy and trying out our new coffee bar in the corner of our kitchen (i.e. drinking lots of coffee) and I watched Julie and Julia with my roommate. Which I swooned over, not only because it was about blogging and cooking (two loves of mine), but also about the period fashion. Lovely!

I finished a shirt I started last weekend and had yummy scrumbos left overs and snugs with the hubby. It has been a good year so far if I do say so myself!

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  1. Ooh yours too! The Star Trek movie is ace, and that food looks really delicious! I haven't seen Julie and Julia, must check it out. x