Monday, January 11, 2010

The Shady Lady

A long time ago my Granny T. started a quilt with appliquéd pieces of a girl wearing a bonnet and holding a parasol. She got sick with cancer and died before she was able to finish the quilt. She had only made six squares. This was enough to make one quilt out of, but since it was handed down to my sister, as well as myself, it was split between us. Since three squares was not enough to make any size quilt with, and my grandmother had also left us some fabric as well as the pattern she made, we set out to make our own quilt blocks to finish our quilts. My sister has long since finished her quilt (being older than I am, she became much more domestic sooner than I did). Mine sat in a box in a closet while I was away at college, being very un-domestic...

Over Christmas this year my mother was cleaning out my stuff she had been storing and found these…

These are my handiwork, as I can not find the original three made by my Granny. :(

Hopefully my mother will find where I put my original three... (I am quite the pack rat) Here is to my first foray into quilting.

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