Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fabric Choice

Hi all! I thought that since Penguin would not let me sleep in like I had planned on doing today I would pop in with a little sewing advice before I jump into the more meaty topics I have planned for the week. So here is a little continuation on my "Teaching Blythe to Sew Via the Internet" project I started. I know... it's been slow going... anyway...

Now that you have chosen your pattern in your correct size, head on over to that other part of the fabric store, you know, that fun part. That part with all the fabric! Now before you go completely wild looking, and undoubtedly feeling, all those wonderfully awesome materials, take a deep breath and pause to take one more look at the back of you pattern. Right there where it says "fabric choice" or "suggested fabrics."

As you may have guessed, these are the fabrics you should choose from. Not because these pattern makers are fabric Nazis, but because they drafted the darn thing, they think they know what fabric it should be made out of! Gasp! And as much as I hate being told what to do, they are generally right.

There also happens to be a post on this very topic at another of my very favorite bloggers Gertie at her blog for better sewing! She can offer you a more concise explanation of pattern type and why it warrants a certain fabric type (this is relevant for all patterns, not just vintage ones, which is what she is discussing). She is my all time sewing hero... Take heed!

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